Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Downloads... Oh the downloads...

Hey everyone!!!

Here we are midweek, I had my first class of my LAST semester last night... 14-1/2 more weeks!!!! 

Ok enough about school... I went and looked at the dowload stats of the Mom & Me file just to see if anyone grabbed the freebie... and YAY!!! it has been downloaded 6 times. Normally that would be sad since it's not many but I'm just happy that people liked it... and that you are still out there.

So I will be posting another free SVG file in the next couple days.

I'm really hoping to have the first sketch up sometime next week (wouldn't Monday be a great way to start the week???) I'll try my hardest!!!

One last thing... If you have been looking for a specific something (word, thing, place, design) and your not finding it. Let me know!! I love requests!!


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