Saturday, January 14, 2012

I can't get enough Bo Bunny!!!

Ok... Hi, my name is Amy and I'm obsessed with Bo Bunny. 
Any line, paper or embellishments... I love it all!!!

I pulled out my stash of paper just to show you I'm not fibbing!!

Bo Bunny Madness!

I have my first sketch ready to post I just needed to make a sample to show everyone. I decided to use paper that can still be found, rather than using from my stash. That got me thinking... so of course I bought Bo Bunny paper!!!

I thought that it would fun to do a post about Bo Bunny. It's very possible that my sample sketches will most be from Bo Bunny. (That was a warning) :-)

Now the paper I bought today is not in my photo... so it stays a surprise!

Look for the first Sketch Tomorrow or first thing Monday!!!


1 comment:

Sarah said...

Just seeing your picture makes we want to grab my purse and run out and buy me some Bo Bunny - but I'll resist cause it's 9.15pm and it's raining. I'll just have to come back and see what you create with yours :)