Thursday, January 5, 2012

Re-doing an old Scrapbook page

We all have those pages that we look back on and go "Seriously, what was I thinking?"

Years ago I started a "Book of Me" using my childhood photos. It wasn't long after I started this that I put my scrapbooking away for many years. When I stated to get back into it I pulled that out first and it didn't take long for me to look at it and realize I hated what I had done.

I read many comments on the subject of re-doing old pages... most said leave them be, it represents how far you've come... and crap like that... feel good stuff HA!
I did that... for awhile.

I started to put my book together and realized I just couldn't stand those beginning pages when the later pages (I only have the first 10 years done LOL) were pretty awesome!

So I tackled those pages and I had a deadline, this weekend! I want to show my mom my great book when I see her.

After doing most of the pages I realized I should have taken before and after photos of them all... I'm sharing one page with you now.

Here is the before!
All those scissor cuts are my own nightmare now. I can't stand them...

So that is what I started with... Here is the 1/2 way point where I'm tearing the photos off this page.

You can see where the paper has torn... It's very important that you don't tear your photo. Don't worry about the paper your throwing it away anyhow.

Once I got all the photos removed I trimmed them as best I could back to straight lines.

The Final Layout!

I matted the photos and you can see on some I couldn't cut all the scissor cuts off.  I mat all my photos now. I love the look. I love clean lines. Honestly It has been a great "feel good" time re-doing these.

I don't suggested you go back to all... but if your like me and had a project started and wanted it to flow. Then do it! It will make you so happy.

I didn't forget about that free svg it's coming...

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