Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lets Talk Embellishements for Moment

Do they call to you???? I can hear them I swear... The pretty little "this and that" or anything purple.

"I have to have it, I'm sure I'll use it." "Those colors are great." "Oh it's on sale."

Sound familiar? We all have been there for something if not for those crazy Embeli's... I love them all!

Ok here is the flip side... Using sketches has really cut down on my embellishment habit. It's probably added to my paper addiction... alway a trade off right? I'm more selective in my embelly buying...

Don't get me wrong, I will always use embellishments!!! They add that something extra, that little pop to every layout. But... I have noticed that I now shop for them differently. I have a couple future layouts in mind right now and if pick one up and can't think of when I'll use it I put it back.

For example... today at lunch I went to Michael's and the Disney stickers were on sale, So I had to look (I am a major collector of anything Pluto). I only bought one (this is a big deal... trust me) and it was the back of Mickey Minnie watching fireworks... I wanted this one before but wouldn't pay full price so I grabbed it. I had a pirate one in my hand and knew a photo of my nephews... but I wasn't really sure I'd use it for sure so back it went.

I have definately become more select in my buying and I know it's becuase I know scrapbook with a plan (sketch).

I'm getting my next sketch ready, I just have to figure out what paper I'm going to use for the sample. I'm happy to say that this has been the hard part so far, I'm thinking about using some papers from a DCWV paper pack.

It will be up sooner than later!!


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Melissa said...

"It's on sale!" gets me every time. I have saved tons since learning how to make my own flowers.